Class: Swans

In school meeting up with other children and talking about how to help our school. I always listen and will talk to my class about the things we are doing to help our school and my class to tell me their ideas.

I like drawing, going out on walks with Barkley my dog.


Class: Seagulls

I had a huge smile on my face when I found out I was going to be the class ambassador for school council. I am interested in finding out if we can get some fire tablets for kids to help us with our work. I am great at talking and telling my class all that we are doing.

I like running around at full speed, I like bug hunting too.

Name: Rielle 

Class: Kingfishers

I am respectful and always listen to the teachers and my friends. I want to help the school by looking after people. I am interesting in getting more play equipment for playtimes.

I like sports, especially gymnastics, football, tennis and basketball.

Name: Isabella 

Class: Toucan

I want to make the school a better place and help all the children. I would like to find some things that children could do at home if they were feeling bored. I would like more school trips, more often. I think I am going to be good at talking to my class about our meetings.

I like visiting my friends.

Name: Matilda 

Class: Golden Eagles

I want to be a school councillor I wanted more responsibility in school, and be a better person. I was nervous but excited to talk to the rest of my class and I am looking forward to telling my class all about our meetings. I am interested in looking at the homework we do and that everyone gets the right homework for them.

Outside of school I like doing musicals and taking parts in shows.

Name: Dylan 

Class: Parrot

I want to help other people with their learning and to help the school. I would like to help to make sure everyone in our school has a friend. I am great at talking to other people and look forward to being part of our school council.

I play for Gosport Borough Blues, and really enjoy my football.

Name: Evie-Rose 

Class: Osprey

I want to help people who feel lonely at playtime. I know what it is like to join the school and have to make new friends. I like cheering people up and helping them with their problems.

I enjoy having swimming lessons outside of school and going to the park with my friends.

Name: Matilda 

Class: Falcon

I am approachable and want people to come to me with their ideas, that I can share with the school council. I will bridge the gap between teachers, footballers, taggers, stuck-in-the-mudders and imaginative game children. I am interested in finding ways to create a sensory garden or space.

I have just joined a local youth club, I love reading and have a stack of books to enjoy!

Name: James 

Class: Peacock

I want to make the school more eco-friendly and investigate the possibility of having a school tuck shop. I like helping others by listening to their opinions and finding solutions.

I play football four times a week and represent two clubs- Gosport Borough and Gosport Falcons.

Name: Hartley 

Class: Phoenix

I am interested in getting new equipment for break and lunchtimes so that we can all have fun and play different games with each other. I am a good listener, and would share the opinions of others in our meetings.

I am trying to learn some new tricks on my scooter and I enjoy roller blading too.