Child and Family Well-being

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Supporting children and their families’ well-being is our most important job: we learn about behaviour as rights, responsibilities and choices; we think carefully about the way we make all children and their families feel equally welcome (e.g: talking about “grown-ups” not “mums and dads”); we teach children to solve problems peacefully; we teach children how to learn well together. We work hard to support the emotional wellbeing of children and the families that they live in and to do this we offer a range of interventions delivered by highly trained staff.

  • ELSA
  • Counselling
  • Home School Link Worker
  • Pet Therapy
  • Nurture Groups
  • Nurture Lunch
  • Service Club
  • SIBS/ Young Carers Group
  • Family Fun Afternoons
  • Stay and Play

Helpful links to support your child’s mental health: